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Our mission is to build equity and cash flow for investors by providing quality housing opportunities in a clean and functional living environment in a pleasing location. We will achieve our mission by investing in properties of quality construction in desirable areas and maintaining the properties to keep the best tenants.

By firmly adhering to the conviction of our mission, we will achieve maximum returns to our investors. But, this is not about money, as money is only a means of achieving our ultimate goals and giving back to society in a meaningful way.

We are personally passionate about exploring the natural world. We believe everything we are now and are to become, is based in the natural world. And, by exploring nature, we learn about ourselves and society. Nature is a direct extension of the highest power in the universe. The ultimate purpose of Marshland Investments, LLC, is to fund education and exploration opportunities for those seeking to learn more about our great earth and nature.

The ultimate goal is to provide a structure that allows anyone interested to visit and learn about nature. Presently, we are doing this by leading scuba diving trips to great diving destinations with venues that offer a more natural setting. In other words, NOT Club Med. As part of the experience, we offer fish identification classes, rain forest hikes, presentations by marine biologists, etc.

Marshland Investments, LLC will use real estate and business investments to build this organization. As the organization grows, the activities will become more closely aligned with the goal, to possibly include owning a dive shop, an eco-travel business, or resort property.

Why should anyone care? Tim Schmitz replies there are two reasons:

1. During my short life, I have seen the world change drastically. There was no haze on the horizon when I was a child. And, who knew we would deplete the oceans of most of the fish within one lifetime? I am on a quest to see as much of what is left of our natural world as I can before it changes. And, there are plenty of people that feel the same way.

2. Our modern society is very wasteful and there are a lot of people who care about this. It is costing all of us a lot of money, not to mention “quality of life”. We can learn to be less wasteful by following nature’s example of trying to keep everything in balance.

The folks that go on my expeditions do so to reconnect with nature and to be with like-minded people. These aren’t “tree huggers”, just people that want to go somewhere without a lot of wasteful conveniences, industrial pollution, or litter.

It is against the law to discriminate against tenants on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, or neighborhood racial makeup.

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